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test . good morning. it is wednesday, november 14, 2012. welcome to cbs "this morning." the secretary of defense stands by his man saying do not jump toni conclusions about general allen. plus new details about the woman at the center of the investigation. >> we'll ask senator john mccain about the pentagon scandal and why he wants to stop president obama's choice for secretary of state. and target employees are fighting back after being told they will have to open stores on thanksgiving night. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. no one should leap to any
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conclusions until we determine what the facts are and we will. >> the pentagon responds to a growing scandal surrounding general allen and former cia director petraeus. >> sources tell cbs news that paula broadwell the alleged mistress of david petraeus warned general john allen that jill kelly was a seductress. >> allen denies any wrongdoing as investigators look through 20 20,000 to 30,000 pages of documents. >> president obama will hold a news conference today since being re-elected and it's expected he'll talk about the so-called fiscal cliff. >> the american people want action. >> the only thing standing between success and failure is presidential leadership. >> three people have died in
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central italy has people are affected by widespread flooding. >> the man who accused a puppeteer in an under age sexual relationship is recanting his story. >> a driver coming from nowhere, losing control, crashing into traffic. >> all that -- >> a scare fall came last night. she hit her head on the floor. she was motionless for several minutes. >> ash and all that matters. >> the diamond auctioned for almost $21.5 million. >> i believe it was purchased by general petraeus for his wife. >> on cbs "this morning." >> they need to stop pulling the string on this before this whole thing leads back to kevin bacon. welcome to cbs "this morning." a sex scandal that's caused david petraeus his job as cia
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director now general john allen's next job is in jeopardy. >> the u.s. commander in afghanistan will not become nato's top general just yet while the pentagon invesgates his communications with campus socialite jill kelly. bob orr has new information on this scandal. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. general allen has been forced to cancel meetings scheduled this week on capitol hill. his nomination is on hold and thursday's confirmation hearing is postponed. the head of nato is backing allen and leon panetta also offered some guarded support. >> no one should leap to any conclusions here. general allen is doing an excellent job in leading those fors. he has my continued confidence to lead our forces and to continue the fight but his nomination has been put on hold as a prudent measure until we determine what the facts are.
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>> reporter: that caution was echoed at the white house. >> he has faith in general allen, believes he's doing and is doing an excellent job. >> reporter: james incarnate engineer was peppered with questions. >> he's not going to make a grand pronouncement or decisions about things based on, you know, two situations, two individual cases. >> reporter: among the hundreds of emails exchanged between general all lean kelly investigators are focusing on one from several months ago. in it allen told kelly he just received an anonymous e-mail which warned him to stay away from kelly. that e-mail came from paula broadwell. broadwell who had been out of sight since the scandal broke friday was spotted tuesday night preparing dinner and drinking a glass of wine inside her brother's washington, d.c. home.
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sources say in her e-mail to allen broadwell warned that kelly was a seductress. broadwell sent similar e-mails to others in military command. as for those emails between allen and kelly pentagon and fbi officials described them as potentially inappropriate and flirtatious. another says they were more than innocent exchanges noting the pentagon as inspector general is involved for a reason. kelly was seen inside her home tuesday. she was watching coverage of the scandal on tv. over the weekend she made calls to 911 to complain about the journalists. >> this is jill kelly, i have a guy whose in my backyard and he's not leaving. >> reporter:hey deny having an affair or any physical relationship. still the emails could cost allen his career if the inspector general determines those exchanges violate the
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uniform code of military justice. top officials from the fbi and cia again are briefing members of congress today on details about the scandal. and we're told fbi director bob mueller has a face to face meeting with the diane feinstein from senate. >> richard myer is a news senior military. general myers good morning. i begin with this question, what do you read into the fact that the secretary of defense and the president's spokesman, even nato is warning us not to jump to conclusions about general allen. >> what i read into it is that we should all be cautious, not rush to judgment, that they have to analyze the material that they have before they make some final determination on whether they are going to continue to push allen's nomination forward to the senate. it's as simple as that. >> are you surprised to learn this from a man that you know
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very well, that this exchange has been described as flart as dtious in emails. >> it's shocking. yesterday i was with another colleague who knows general allen for 15 years. he was a student of his. this is shocking to everybody, these allegations are shocking to everybody that knows general allen. he's a terrific officer. he's done a good job in afghanistan. very hard place to do good work. he's done very good work. >> general, are you concerned that the general in charge of winding down the war in afghanistan is sending hundreds of emails that are described as flirtatious to a tampa socialite who he describes as a sweetheart. is that conduct becoming an office center >> that has to be determined by the facts and i don't think we have all the facts yet. you know, one thing i heard in that last little film clip you
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ran that some of these things are against the uniform koecode military justice. when you serve in a position of trust it's not just a matter of law it's a matter of when your superiors lose confidence in your ability to command and i think people can understand that when america sends its sons and daughters to these senior commanders they expect absolute integrity and the highest level of personal conduct as they should. i can't be the judge here. we don't have all the facts. we have to wait to see what shows up. it sounds like secretary panetta is take a very prudent approach. >> what did you think when you heard jill kelly this tampa socialite had got end letters from general petraeus and general allen on behalf of her sister who was involved in a custody fight. is that normal or unusual at all. >> i wouldn't say it's normal
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but it's not unusual. if both generals knew the sister and her family situation and were able to make some sort of character comments in a letter that would be helpful in any kind of a proceeding then i, you know, as friends you're obligated to do that. >> no one should jump to conclusions here obviously and we've been warned about that but do you knowing washington believe that general allen's nomination for nato is in jeopardy? >> i think just by the fact that from going forward at the present time, i think of course, it's in jeopardy. i do think knowing secretary panetta and i think they will wait until they get all the facts in and decide whether or not the chain of command, the president, the secretary of defense have the confidence in him to put him in a very important position in europe. >> general myers, thank you very
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much. john miller is with us now a former fbi assistant director. john, i want to ask you about the front page of the "the washington post" which suggests the fbi renewed focus on sensitive material that was found inside broadwell's home. are they expanding their focus? >> i think "the washington post" is expanding their focus. this has become a little headline driven. what the fbi is doing is what you would do at the end of any investigation but especially a high-profile investigation which is they are tying up the loose ends which is okay classified documents were found in her computer in which he were examining in the first part of the case. were there other computers? yes. what about paper documents. they want to pick all that up and go through it and say is there any other classified material in here. is it still classified. they have to bring this all to a
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prosecutor, the alleged stalking allegations, the classified documents and they are either going to have to say there enough to go forward and it's complicated. she does have a secret clearance from military intelligence because she's a major in the reserves or are you going to give us a declaration, a letter from the u.s. attorney saying we're not going forward and the case is closed. >> one interesting piece of information we learned from paula broadwell, she was sending emails to general allen and one in fact where she wrote under kelly patrol where she described miss kelly as a seductress and warned general allen about getting entangled in this relationship. another odd, bizarre turn in this story. >> this is where the investigative part and the story part kind of diverge because that in and of itself is probably not illegal if general
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allen didn't feel harassed. it does show the depth of the plotting here. >> right. then general allen forwarded that e-mail to jill kelly. >> the terrible irony here if we can imagine, if getting that from him was the thing that made jill kelly pick up the phone and call the fbi and the unraveling that follows, you know, that would be very ironic. >> thank you, john. good to see you. we expect president obama to make his first comment today on the pentagon scandal. he's holding a news conference in more than eight months. bill plante is at the white house with a preview. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this news conference was supposed to have been a platform for the president to launch his bid for a second term but the soap opera around david petraeus and general john allen will probably be the first question not exactly what he wanted to talk about. but the president does get the first word and in his opening statement he'll call for compromise to fix the nation's long term fiscal problem.
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but he'll also stick to his budget proposal which calls for $1.6 trillion in new taxes often years which is twice what republicans previously offered. he'll say again he's not willing to continue tax cuts for families making over $250,000 and he'll also be asked about the signal he sent yesterday in a meeting with labor leaders that nothing is off the table, including programs like medicare. he'll be asked about the benghazi attack and other things but the first question today is likely to be about the scandal surrounding petraeus resignation, why the white house didn't know about it sooner, and the president will do no more than express his appreciation for petraeus service and defer to the ongoing investigation. >> cbs news will have live coverage beginning at 1:30 eastern time, 12:30 central. >> an update on president obama's cabinet. there's a report that the attorney general will stay on
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for the second obama administration. we told you yesterday how he wants susan rice to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. margaret brennan is in washington. >> reporter: president obama views susan rice as his quarterback at the u.n. when he nominated her to be the ambassador he elevated that role to cabinet level. a status that her predecessors did not have. for this next promotion the president will fight skeptical republicans who question rice's judgment in the days following the benghazi attack. >> i still don't know how anybody of that capacity could have been on television five days later saying the things that were said. i don't know how that can happen. >> she has to answer questions about that. there's no doubt about it. >> reporter: susan rice hit a nerve during a string of television appearances five days after the assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. she didn't call it a act of
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terror. >> we do not have information at present to lead us to conclude it was preplanned. >> reporter: that's leading to her obstacle as becoming secretary of state. john mccain and lindsey graham said they will try to keep her out of office. the white house said she was relying on the cia's best information at the time. a former rhodes scholar and basketball star rice met mr. obama in 2005 when he was a senator. she's eager to return to washington where her two children and husband still live. at the u.n. rice became known as a passionate crusader, sometimes with direct language not of end heard in diplomacy. >> this is more than disappointing, it's pathetic and short sighted. >> let's see it for what is it. it is redundant. >> reporter: rice has delivered. she wrappingled security couldn't support for financial sanctions against iran while recent attacks in libya are
7:16 am
rice's greatest hurdle she did lead the charge at the united nations to protect libya's rebels. she's not been able to produce similar results for syria. >> the president believes that ambassador rice has done an excellent job and is grateful for her service. >> reporter: the president's choice of susan rice contrasts with his thinking four years ago when the president built a team of rivals nominating hick to be secretary. with rice he selected one of his closest advisers. >> congress holds a second day of hearings today on that attack that killed the american ambassador to libya. as sharyl attkisson reports members are pushing for more answers. good morning. >> reporter: this week's many briefings for congress have been planned since before election. today they are behind closed doors meaning for members of congress only. yesterday acting cia director mike morell and state department
7:17 am
officials briefed some committee members. the state department did see some internal cable and documents. tomorrow they will be shown surveillance video of the attack for the first time. republicans who have been briefed said they are mystified why so many in the administration didn't want to call the benghazi attack a terrorist attack right away. >> it's hard for me to under how communications were the way they were when we had such information regarding the fact that this absolutely was a terrorist attack, we knew it was a terrorist attack, let's call it a terrorist attack. >> reporter: today house intelligence members will be briefed by the fbi and cia, but not yet at least by general petraeus himself who was of course then cia director. charlie, norah. >> in our next half hour we'll talk to senator john mccain about the benghazi hearings, ambassador susan rice and the petraeus scandal. right now time to show you some of this morning's headlines around the globe.
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britain's telegraph said air travel is being disrupted by labor strikes across europe. workers across the continent are staging a series of protests over budget cuts. they are calling it a day of action and solidarity. >> "chicago tribune" says congressman jesse jackson has left the mayo clinic. he's being treated for bipolar disorder while authorities investigate allegations he misused campaign funds. >> facebook stock could take a dive. 800 million shares could be sold today for the first time since the company went public six months ago. the often american statesman said a petition calling for texas to secede from the united states has become a minor internet sensation. as of last night it's collected more than 83,000 signatures. the petition was created on a white house website. and the australian newspaper looks at this morning's total
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eclipse of the sun. it was seen over northern australia. witnesses say insects and birds went very quiet as day turned into night for two minutes. on t this national weather report sponsored by target. dream big, save bigger.
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the pentagon sex scandal grows and the white house faces questions in the benghazi, libya attack, an issue that could trip up a potential secretary of state. we'll talk about all of that this morning with republican senator john mccain. and general petraeus and allen were so close to jill kelly they wrote to the judge in her sister's child custody case. we'll look at kelly's social connection to the military and how she tried to use that influence on cbs "this morning."
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republicans still trying to sort out just what happened in the election. yesterday, yesterday paul ryan said that president obama was re-elected because of the high turn out of urban voters. urban voters. yeah. then when he was asked how he liked his coffee, ryan said no milk, no sugar, just urban. senator john mccain will join us shortly.
7:26 am
we'll talk politic, petraeus and benghazi with him. your local news is next.
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. welcome back to cbs "this morning." the david petraeus sex scandal is one more concern for congress which already has a lot to do before the end the year. >> republican senator john mccain is now with us from capitol hill. senator good morning. we want to talk of many things including benghazi and susan rice but let me begin with this. you know david petraeus well. you have talked with him. tell us how he sees all of these fence that have taken him from the directorship of the cia? >> he's a soldier. he's a man who understands
7:31 am
responsibilities of office and he took this like the soldier that he is, and decided that the honorable thing to do was to leave office. he's the finest combination of intellect and leadership in american military that i have known and i've had the privilege of knowing some very outstanding people. it's happened, he's ready to take his responsibility and move on. >> and general allen? >> general allen, he has said that he does not, has not done anything improper. i think he deserves the benefit of an investigation that's going on now which i hope will be concluded soon. >> do you believe afghanistan will be hurt because this involves the cia director and now general allen? >> there's always a disconnect when people leave office. but, again, ral allen was due to move over to another job. i don't think so. look we have much larger
7:32 am
problems with the president continuing to announce withdrawals from afghanistan earlier than his military commanders had recommended and have put us at much greater risk. i'm not optimistic about how we're going to end up in afghanistan because of the president's decisions, not general allen's. >> senator, we haven't had a chance to speak with you since this scandal broke, it started with all of these emails, these odd emails, this bizarre web triangle. what do you make of it all? >> i don't know what to make of it, norah. i've never been much for judging these kinds of things and so i do believe that, obviously, in this country we hold people responsible and everybody is responsible and so far that's been the case with general petraeus. i'm much more concerned about the loss of four american lives in benghazi, the president not telling the truth about what happened there and what he knew
7:33 am
and when he knew i and that's why we need a special committee, select committee like we did in watergate, like we did in iran/contra. we need a select committee to get to the bottom of this because the american people deserve the truth. >> do you think the president misled us? >> i know he did. he either misled us in his second debate he said he referred to the tragedy at benghazi as an act of terror which he didn't but then we know now that that night he gave an interview with steve croft saying they didn't know what was the cause it and went on, on numerous venues saying that it was a spontaneous flash mob that had nothing to do with a terrorist act and so he didn't tell the truth. the american people at one time or another. >> susan rice appears to be
7:34 am
front-runner for secretary of state. you told cbs last night that you will do everything to stop her confirmation. why? >> she's not qualified. anyone who goes on national television in defiance of the facts five days later, we're all responsible for what we say and what we do. i'm responsible to my voters. she's responsible to the senate of the united states. we have our responsibilities forced advise and consent. i was on "face the nation" when she told that story and right after it was said it was al qaeda. >> can you help me understand this, senator. the cia talking points that were prepared on september 15th, the same day that rice was on all those sunday shows and "face the nation" that said that currently available information suggests the demonstrations in benghazi were spontaneously inspired by
7:35 am
the protests at the u.s. embassy. was the failure with the u.n. ambassador or was the failure with the intelligence coming out of the cia? >> well within three days there was additional information which clearly refuted that. that's why we sleed a select committee. if the select committee says that she was not guilty of misleading the american people but all these conflicting stories, all these different narratives, who said what, but we know four americans died. four americans died. a consulate in benghazi was turned into a death house and somebody has to be held responsible. >> didn't susan rice say all the information was not in and she did not know everything there was to be known and isn't that what you would want her to say? >> not when she presented the case absolutely this was a flash mob. look at the reruns. because i happened to have been there that morning. >> i'm interested too, why doesn't the cia director,
7:36 am
general petraeus and secretary of state hillary clinton also deserve some scrutiny about what went on in benghazi. >> they do. absolutely. the secretary of state is clearly involved in this and, again, that's why we need a select committee to get to the bottom of all this and there's no -- >> will there be -- >> -- in their rendition of what happened. >> why not wait for them before you make a judgment about susan rice. >> because there's four dead americans. she told the american people on every major newscast in america, if this select committee clears her of any wrongdoing besides not being very bright because it was obvious that this was not a quote flash mob, there was no demonstration, charlie. there was none there. and so then with additional information by the time she went on every news show sunday show in america. >> i got to clear this up. what should she have said based
7:37 am
on what she knew at the moment? >> she should have known within three days because additional information -- >> what should she have said when she was asked that question at that time based on what she knew? >> first of all the casual observer knew there was no demonstration. there was no demonstration. so you couldn't have known that to start with. second of all you should look into it and additional information three days later. if you're going tell the american people something make damn sure it's true. >> senator john mccain, good to see you. thank you so much. and jill kelley is now at the center of a wide enning scandal. this morning we'll show you how she got to know general david petraeus and general john allen. you're watching cbs "this morning." ♪ daisy, do a dollop
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see what's new from campbell's. is putting a spotlight on jill kelley's connection to florida's air force base. erin moriarty has new information about kelley's very
7:42 am
complicated life. >> reporter: jill kelley and her family were good friends with petraeus he hosted them for christmas dinner last year but many wonder how this civilian was able to get so close to two of the military's most powerful men in the first place. jill kelley was spotted inside her tampa home tuesday, tuning into the latest news coverage of the scandal. for days media crews have been camped outside her million dollar mansion forcing the 37-year-old to call police repeatedly. >> there's a whole bunch of people blocking my alley and i can't drive into my driveway. >> how many people are out there? >> at least ten. >> reporter: the woman with close ties to the military brass isn't afraid to flaunt it. her license plate reads honor rather council. >> i'm honor rather council general so i have vulnerability.
7:43 am
they should not be able to cross my property. i don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection as well. >> reporter: kelley was a key player in tampa's tight social scene which is known for lavish properties with luxury cars, orchestras and plenty of fine food and drink. >> very personable. anxious to get in the community. >> reporter: kelley became close with retired general david petraeus and general john allen so close the two men are backing her twin sister natalie khawam in a child custody battle. in a letter to the kourkts petraeus wrote, natalie dotes on her son. allen was equally supportive. she places the needs of her son above her own.
7:44 am
natalie khawam is trying to get her child back after a judge called her a psychologically unstable person. for now friends say the kelley family is hoping the spotlight they once craved will soon fade away. >> i think a lot of people are attributing things to them that are untrue. and i think they are having to deal with that because they've never had to experience something like this. >> reporter: those letters are a little surprising. the general used personal stationary. to get involved in a contentious dispute where the judge ruled against jill kelley's sister and saying the why is wrong i want raises some question about judgme
7:45 am
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depression hurts. this woman in cleveland she drove on the sidewalk to avoid a stopped school bus. yesterday she had to pay the price. she stood for an hour on that corner with a sign saying only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus. the judge ordered her to do it. she plans to stand with harden today to make sure she does it properly. welcome back to cbs "this morning." the judge was upset he was texting while doing her punishment. >> in today's health watch beating stress on the golf course. charlie beljan won the first pga title of his career. as manuel bojorquez reports it was an unlikely win because he was hospitalized in the middle of the tournament. >> reporter: charlie beljan took
7:50 am
to the golf course on friday fighting to stay on the pga tour. it didn't start out well. >> when you're feeling like he is with that heart rate way up and you can't get a breath and all that you know something, that's more than just having a cold or maybe having a touch of the flu. >> reporter: charlie beljan thought he was having a heart attack. >> my chest was tight. i was fighting my life. >> reporter: in an astonishing golf performance. charlie beljan powered through all 18 holes. by the end of the day charlie beljan could barely stand and yet he was atop the leaderboard having shot one of the best rounds of his career. he was taken to celebration hospital where doctors determined he had suffered a sustained panic attack. >> when someone has a panic attack you are struck suddenly out of the blue, usually with no warning, with a pervasive sense of impending disaster.
7:51 am
it's not the stress of the competition that induced it it was that he was vulnerable. >> reporter: his recently marriage, birth of a newborn, struggle on the links. on saturday he was back on the golf course. fear of another attack forced him focus on one hole at a time. and an approach that paid off in the end. >> i got everybody back home rooting for me. i didn't think i would get to finish my round on friday. yesterday i showed up just hoping to be able to finish 18 holes and now here i am. >> reporter: a champion back into the swing of things. for cbs "this morning," manuel bojorquez, tampa, florida. >> never surprised by those stories but they delight me. >> absolutely. i'm glad it wasn't anything more than just a panic attack. mow golf. it's pretty hard to play that well while having a panic attack. >> pretty hard to play that well period. >> well put. all right. target is planning to open stores on thanksgiving night but
7:52 am
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♪ it's 8:00 a.m. welcome back to cbs "this morning." the obama administration faces new questions about petraeus investigation. we may hear answers today at a presidential news conference. many republicans are reeling after mitt romney's defeat. we'll show you why some of them are afraid of the next four years. >> but first here's a look at what's happening in the world and what we've been covering on cbs "this morning." we should be cautious, not rush to judgment that they have to analyze the material that they have before they make some final determination. >> a sex scandal that's caused david petraeus his job. now general john allen's next job is in jeopardy.
8:01 am
>> top officials from both the fbi and cia are briefing members of congress today on details about the scandal. >> president obama to make his first comment today on the scandal. >> the first question today is likely to be about why the white house didn't know about it sooner. >> susan rice to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state, the president will fight skeptical republicans who question rice's judgment in the days following the benghazi attack. >> will do everything to stop kwhirmation. why? >> she's not qualified. if you tell the american people something you better make damn sure it's true. >> had a tough time catching my breath. >> it was hard to play that well while having a panic attack. >> hard to play that well period. >> many wonder how this civilian was able to get so close to military's most powerful men in the first place. >> all this has the makings of a pretty sweet military themed
8:02 am
video game. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. this morning a powerful republican in congress is pressing the fbi for answers about the david petraeus investigation. >> judiciary committee less march smith sent a list of questions to attorney general eric holder and robert mueller. john mill certificate a former assistant fbi director. good morning. what do these mean these new questions? >> this is going to be a very tough scrub on what did the fbi director know about this case and when did he know it? what did the attorney general learn from the fbi and when delearn it? what they want to get to, norah, is why weren't the committees told under the national security act that an investigation, not targeting, but where the cia comes up wasn't something they were notified about. >> and why they didn't feel the president should be notified. >> that's right. what does the fbi have to change
8:03 am
the way it goes about this? >> i think the fbi and the department of justice will say we did a careful legal analysis. you're supposed to notify the white house and congress about security. this will cause them to relook and say how do we go about our analysis if we had to do over. would we do the same. was it sfligt i don't know we'll know the conclusion of that. >> is it true jill kelley tried to stop the investigation once the barn door had been opened. >> yes that's true. in mid-summer jill kelley says to the tampa cyber squad, you know what? let's try to forget this whole thing. >> never mind. >> and the reason that happened, gayle, is because, i can give you these six harassing emails and you'll just investigate these. as they are getting from one e-mail account to another and seeing cross communications they
8:04 am
start to look at all of jill kelley's emails and at that point she says why don't we just drop this because i'm projecting here, that she knows about all the other communications in her emails she may not want out there. we're seeing the fall without that with john allen. >> have you heard from any of your sources the nature of the threat? because is it a crime to say hey don't mess with my man? >> there were no threats. part of the struggle the agents had in the beginning this was kind of stuff about, you know, she's a seductress, stay away from her. she's after you. i know she's traveling to see you here. i know you're going to meet her there. but petraeus -- there were no threats. they had to pull out the law book and read the statute and does this rise to the level of a federal crime of harassment. >> do we know anything about why at the time that the director of the cia broke off this affair, was it because of anything that was happening in this
8:05 am
investigation? >> well, you know, david ignatius said some very interesting things about who broke off the affair. there's some dispute whether petraeus broke it off or broadwell broke it off. but, i think what you also see at the time is petraeus is communicating to broadwell that jill kelley is coming up to visit and, you know, you now have to put yourself inside people's minds and say after the affair was broken off no matter who did it how were those signals read and did she think she was being replaced and we're ascribing notifies people. it's suggestive. >> it's breath taking to think about this how it has ensnared the cia director and top commander in afghanistan. john miller, thank you. >> officially falls under the category of this is a hot mess no matter how you look at it. >> gives john miller something to do. >> since i was so bored. >> you're welcome.
8:06 am
on that president obama is expected to be asked today about this scandal involving general petraeus and allen. the president is holding his first news conference since the election. in fact he hasn't had one in more than eight months. he's expected to call with a call for doing compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff. cbs news will carry that news conference live beginning at 1:30 eastern time, 12:30 central. >> on the europe where deadly flooding has battered central italy for three days. high water is starting to recede in venice. tuscany was hard hit. and several towns were cut off. now an area north rome is at risk at this hour, allen pizzey is in the italian capital and joins us with the latest on that. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning gayle. don't let the sunny skies fool you. a flood alert has been issued for rome. foot paths have been inundated and floating restaurants along
8:07 am
the shore line are cutoff. in tuscany and umbria, hundreds have been forced to flea their homes. fire brigade helicopters were called into the rescue people trapped by the floodwaters. four deaths have been reported and the damage estimates are running into the tens of millions of dollars. in the town of orte, residents hit by flooding said there's been nothing like it. it was a complete surprise he says. teen oldest residents say this has never happened before. the army has been called in to put up fences for houses and bridges but officials are warning it won't be enough and blame climate change for the higher waters and increased rainfall. the storm system that caused the flooding across italy also pushed tides that flooded venice to the sixth highest level since records began. tourists managed to swim in
8:08 am
saint mark's square. the damage caused by flooding won't go away quickly. with farmland turned into swampland, italy's signature food crops will be hit. wine crops have fallen too 40 year low own production of wheat for pasta flour is also done. the muddy waters have flooded since rome was built. the mediterranean is warmed by more than 1 degree celsius in the past 20 years. that makes the storm sweeping up across the adriatic much fiercer. in rome they end up with a lot more in common than they like. >> charlie rose here, allen pizzey, thank you. target is starting black friday early and workers are not happy. the retail giant plans to open its doors at 9:00 thanksgiving night.
8:09 am
employees are signing online petition demanding to take back thanksgiving so they can spend it with their families. they are asking for stores to open on friday. one petition has collected 200,000 signatures so far. >> here's an important update on a story we first brought you yesterday. the man who claimed to have had an underage affair with elmo's puppeteer is withdrawing his lame. the unidentified accuser said he and kevin clash had a consensual relationship as adults. on monday the man said he got involved with clash as a 16-year-old. kevin clash said he's elefd the allegation has been put to rest. the
8:10 am
the government doesn't just look at emails from generals. we'll find out how many online accounts are examined every year and show you how from text your messages, if you can. that's next on cbs "this morning." [ female announcer ] it's deliciously dark just before dawn.
8:11 am
it's a rainy morning becoming a caramel drizzle. with folgers gourmet selections, you can turn any day gourmet. new roasts, new flavors, and a new look. but what about your wrinkles? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. why wait if you don't have to.
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neutrogena®. whyhershey's makes smiles. to. smiles make more smiles. when the chocolate is hershey's. life is delicious.
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8:14 am
30,000 pages of emails. i can under it if steven king and george r.r. martin were having an affair. those are some prolific mother [bleep] but there's a fine line of seduction and spamming someone. i don't think i've ever gotten emails ever and i was on the obama campaign mailing list. >> dividend petraeus scandal has
8:15 am
shown us one important fact, it's easy for the government to check your e-mail. even when you're the head of the cia. >> so how can we keep our private emails private? cnet editor brian cooley has some ideas about that. brian good morning. is there such a thing as a private e-mail? >> you know there's an old metaphor we used back in the early internet days that e-mail is not a phone call or a letter in an envelope ate postcard. it has none of the wrapper around it that secures it from glances but recorded and written down the way things, the way a phone call is not. it ends up having the most dangerous attributes. you have to think about it as something you need to be comfortable with anyone glancing at and being able to read. people in this scandal would never have had those kmgs. >> they used draft emails. how would that work in their pinto keep it secret? how do you do that? >> it doesn't work that's the
8:16 am
thing about today's modern web based e-mail where you use a g-mail account like in their cases or yahoo! mail. those kind of services don't have you install a program like we used to, like outlook and they basically don't keep the e-mail on your machine they keep it on the servers of those companies. that means even your drafts are stored at google or yahoo!. that's why you can go to any computer and there they are. but they didn't quite understand that. so just because you don't send it doesn't mean you didn't send it. you sent it over the network to be stored but it's not sent. >> we know that the companies we work for have access to all of our emails as you point out. what about the government? google as received i think something like in the first half of this year more than 20,000 government requests for user data. can the government look at our emails? >> the government has got an interesting dating back to the mid-'90s there's an odd piece of
8:17 am
legislation out there. if the e-mail is more than six months old a federal prosecutor can request it without having a full judge's sanction on a subpoena. fifth newer e-mail under six months that requires what most of us expect which is a judge's order which is a higher standard. so there are two levels out there but e-mail is one of the most highly discoverable and requested pieces of information out there in modern legislation. >> what's going to change, brian, because of all this? will anything change of how we look at this? >> people will have more understanding about the way that e-mail is highly transparent. we think it's this secret thing that just goes from me to you over a private pipeline. it does not. it's like this giant letter carrier's bag that we have access to depending what kind of authority you are or what kind of access you have to someone's account. >> are bbms private? >> that's a little different situation. good point. the blackberry messenger network
8:18 am
uses their own proprietary network. that's why corporations and governments still cling to blackberry because it's a private network. not based on the open internet the way e-mail is. e-mail was never to be secured. >> if you use your private e-mail on the company computer can they see that? >> the company has so much scope to look at your e-mail and bear this in mind. if you bring your laptop or tablet network and do e-mail on your company device and use their wi-fi they have access. >> does delete ever mean delete? >> no. delete never means delete in the webera. delete files off your computer but when you use web services you really rarely delete. you move things to a delete folder. look at your delete folder. >> if you want a private conversation brian what would you do?
8:19 am
>> make a date. >> meet down at the corner. >> see you at starbucks. >> that's the only way. >> good information. >> that may be a good idea. >> brian cooley, thank you. president obama's re-election has shaken up a lot of republicans. we'll ask gop strategist frank luntz what voters are telling him about the future. they are not happy. that's ahead on cbs "this morning." this portion of cbs "this morning" is sponsored by macy's.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
♪ still to come if you love the beatles, and you want to visit abbey road in london, be careful which train you get on. you can end up on the wrong street or wrong side of town. yikes. we'll take to you the famous abbey road and the one where you don't want to be ahead on cbs
8:23 am
"this morning." your local news is coming up next. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller.
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8:30 am
you're sending me mixed messages. does the super p.a.c. hurt republicans more than i want helped them. >> i had one billionaire, a person deeply passionate. >> great friend? >> billionaires are the best friends to have. romney had about 26. it turned out 26 billionaires. >> great reality show, billionaire fight. >> there you go.
8:31 am
just had it. it called the election. >> i would watch billionaire fight. are billionaires good friends to have? >> i don't have any. >> don't have any. welcome back to cbs "this morning." millions of mitt romney supporters truly believed he would be elected president. many say the election result was a real shock. republican strategist and cbs news political analyst frank luntz went to virginia this week and asked 20 romney voters about the election, president obama and the future of the republican party. >> i want a show of hands how many of you were surprised about the outcome. almost all of you were surprised. >> i cried. >> why would you cry? >> because i was so sure that mitt romney would win. i thought his ticket was perfect. and i thought his message was resonating with people that they were prepared to vote for him. >> this election is really about saving america. and in get real emotional about that because i look at what
8:32 am
we've done with this country and i see that it's going totally in the wrong direction and i looked at romney and ryan and i thought yes, somebody who is accomplished in business, somebody who will get out there and make a difference and ryan with his financial background and the budget and all that i thought man. >> not a good day for the republican party. what are your willing to change? >> the platform needs re-evaluated. >> the keep thing he keeps bringing up where are the blacks and latino and the women. >> you're right. the danger it's getting into a bidding war. more important we stand by our ideals and views and if they have currency we'll get them. if not perhaps we should zoeg. >> our message is not inclusive. it just isn't. it's white suburbia. >> it means you have to package your values in different ways and that takes away from them as universal values.
8:33 am
we're talking about the candidates. okay that's great. that's the end profit sees. you have to get out there and sell the message and values and principles because if we believe they are universal, if we believe they should appeal to everybody then we don't have to package them for girls and boys and people with purple and green spots. >> what does this election tell you about america? >> we're more divided now than even four years, eight years, even during the election of 2000 with all of that, we're more divided now than we were then. >> where america is going is actual value divide of the country more so than demographics. you have, these are hard words i believe you have a socialist agenda, there's people here that believe i don't have to work. >> how many of you think that the obama administration represents socialism here in america, raise your hands. almost all of you. now tell me the truth. how many of you believe that your freedoms will be curtailed over the next four years because
8:34 am
barack obama was elected? come on. that's a very strong thing to say. you think you're going to lose some of your freedoms. >> looking beyond my nose i'm concerned for by 20 something children. i'm unlikely to feel the full effect in four, six, eight, ten years. in 20 years the mindset that's changing in this country is very problematic. >> frank luntz is with us right now. frank good morning. we just saw that piece. what makes them think that about the president? >> reporter: well they are afraid that the freedoms -- >> what makes them that way? >> reporter: they feel that the policies are for more government control, more washington involvement, more washington intervention. by the way, charlie they are willing to compromise. but they want to stick by the principles. for example, if you want to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans they will actually consider it if washington is prepared to cut spending significantly. they are prepared to make changes on immigration policy but only if washington can
8:35 am
ensure that the borders, that the border control is enforced. so here you have a set of people that are afraid of the future, believe barack obama is undermining america's future and it's not a surprise that there's gridlock in washington because there's gridlock in america. >> one of them suggests the republican party needs be more inclusive at the same time someone else said look if the country knew us and our principles then they would vote for it. do they not believe that their candidates are seen for their principles? >> reporter: the complaint really wasn't about the candidates. the complaint was half about the communication, and half about the inability to reach certain segments of the population. they are unanimous in believing that the republicans have to be more effective with hispanics and latinos and they believe they can. by the way, charlie as negative as they are about the country, they think republicans will come back in 2016 and win the white house. but they recognize what went wrong in 2012. i've never seen people so
8:36 am
shocked, so really genuinely afraid of the future. they believe it's up to the representatives in congress to demonstrate, to communicate and to grab that american mindset over the next two years so 2016 doesn't result what happened in 2012. >> ever since election night there's been a lot of talk about being inclusive. one of your gentlemen just mentioned that. in the focus group there were no blacks or latinos. didn't appear to be. are they hard to find in virginia? >> reporter: in virginia you've got somewhere around 95% of the african-american population voted for barack obama. over 70, i think it's about 70%, 75% of the hispanic population and we had one hispanic in there. you noticed there were more men than woman. the republican party is a very simple but very fundamental challenge. how do you demonstrate that the values, the beliefs, the core convictions of the gop can transcend racial lines, gender lines and even because you
8:37 am
noticed they were older people and even age lines. that the key is not necessarily the issues, the key is demonstrating that you are still a national party with national solutions to national problems. >> what do you think happens next? many of these voters say they will do. sit out until 2016? what are they going to do? >> reporter: they are still engaged. they want to participate. i think nationwide i think you're going see the republicans come out at each other and everyone will have a solution for what went wrong and you'll see an awful lot of fighting. >> you think there's a fight for what the republican party stands for? >> reporter: yes, i do. i'll give you and example. on the issue of abortion, these voters almost all of them are pro life. many wore religious symbols around their neck. they don't want to discuss abortion. they don't want to have a national debate on social issues. all they ask is washington should not be funding abortion and that washington should not
8:38 am
be steadying the social jepd the states and communities and the people themselves set it. they believe every time you have a social issue discussion republicans lose. >> frank you spent a lot of time talking to voters this election season. what do you frank luntz think that the republican party needs to do? >> reporter: first they need to go on vacation. second thing that they need to do is to re-examine the messaging. mitt romney repeatedly talked about middle class and middle income voters. what the american people want is someone who is fighting for hard-working taxpayers. that the romney campaign when they talked about middle income or middle class they themselves were talking about class based politics. if you want to transcend that, hard-working taxpayers, is working class, upper middle class, it's everybody. that's just one example. there are 20 or 30 examples like that. the republican party has to learn the language of the american people if they expect to win the support of a majority of americans.
8:39 am
>> all right frank luntz. enjoy your vacation. >> reporter: i'm not taking one. i just think the republicans need to take one. >> see you next time. some hotels give you a great deal without skimping on the experience. when we come back an expert from fodor's travel guide reveals
8:40 am
8:41 am
a zoo in israel two baby gorillas. one was born last week the other a couple of weeks ago. the zoo has a very successful gorilla breeding program and officials are giving credit to a male gorilla who fathered 10 offsprings in the last 15 years. >> papa is a rolling stone. very busy. welcome back. fodor's travels a lot of ground. it covers 7,500 locations.
8:42 am
in more than 17,000 hotels. this year's fodor's 100 hotel awards will be revealed today. arabella bowen is here to show us some of the top best value hotels. welcome. best value. what does that mean exactly, best value? >> best value is basically concept of the hotels for under $250 a night. so, under $250 a night. these are not budget hotels these are -- what we look for are hotels giving you a four star experience at a three star price or sometimes a five star experience at a three star price. again definitely not budget hotels these are good quality hotels. >> one you mentioned is the bellagio in las vegas. tell us about that. >> it's often a surprise you can
8:43 am
stay there for under $200 if you choose your dates wisely. >> i love the ceiling of the bellagio. >> amazing fountains. it's iconic. one of our global icons this year because it's synonymous with a trip to las vegas. you have the circsicircus de so performing there. you can even stay over thanksgiving for less than $200. >> when is the best time to visit? >> great time to visit are often the holidays. thanksgiving is really one best times to go to vegas. would you be surprised. most people are going home to family, not necessarily going vegas. >> cheaper rates. >> cheaper rates. you can get dinner reservations because fewer crowds in town. >> another hotel you mentioned is the hotel lincoln in chicago. why that hotel? >> this hotel opened in march.
8:44 am
this is one of our local experience hotels which we define as hotels that make you feel like a local in the place you're visiting. it's in the lincoln park neighborhood. it's already established itself as a terrific local hangout. great rooftop bar. great coffee shop. a five star restaurant. the rates start at $139 a night. it's fantastic. across the street lincoln park and lincoln park zoo which is free to visit. >> then you say wine tasting in sonoma, california. you talk about a place called h2. >> another new hotel started by the same group that runs a five star hotel. their rates under $200 a night. they are leading the scene with their eco-friendly approach. they are gold leaf certified. there's a bike sharing program. also a filtered water bar.
8:45 am
>> what is that? what does eco friendly mean? >> in a hotel you're looking at basically gold leaf certified standard and things like the water bar. you can fill up on site. >> lots of recycling programs. >> vermont is a beautiful place to visit. you have a hotel there. >> this is a great find actually. what we love here, if you're looking for a luxury farm stay hard to beat this one. rates start at $155 a night. we talked a lot in the country as farm to table is the new vogue. this is farm though tell. set on 1400 acre farm which is cool and leading to sustainable practices. you can learn how to make butter and even go looking for mushrooms. >> you can go make butter?
8:46 am
>> yes. >> butter and bacon makes everything good. >> how do you determine hotel trends? what your looking for? >> we reviewed 17,000 hotels a year and those are just the ones that make the cut. there's lots that don't because they are not up to par. so we're seeing, we're covering the world. we have 700 writers around the world who is seeing what's happening in our destinations and sending recommendations to us. we saw a lot of new trends. eco friendly being a big one. >> j.w. marriott stein resort which i've been there. i'm from san antonio. that's a nice hotel. 36 holes of golf, charlie. texas open there. all right. had to get that in. >> terrific spot too. especially if you're into golf and great stuff for kids. >> like it. arabella bowen, good to see you. you can find the photos 100 hotel awards online at fod
8:47 am london underground is playing tricks on beatles fans. why the train is taking them to the other abbey road.
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ people say there's only one abbey road but now when some of them try to find that want famous spot they end up on the wrong side of london. and then they need help to get back. ♪ come together right now ♪ over me >> reporter: legend has it it was paul mccartney's idea to shoot the cover for abbey road on the crosswalk right outside of the studio where the album was recorded, all four members of the band strolling across the
8:50 am
street, simple and convenient. ♪ help >> reporter: but when that band is the biggest band in the world, every decision no matter how trivial goes down in history. for the thousands of beatles fans heading to london each year there is nowhere like abbey road. >> we're scared to go on the beatles crosswalk. >> reporter: unless you end up at the wrong abbey road. >> apparently not around here. it's not here. >> reporter: they are not alone. marshall hoffman from miami just found institute. >> welcome to abbey road. >> thanks. >> is this the abbey road you're looking for, the one with the beatles? >> not really. >> i got some news for you. it's not the right one. >> reporter: this abbey road takes its name from the unfortunately titled street in
8:51 am
east london it's on. a new train station that was opened just last year to bear some of the burden of crowds during the summer olympics. but the station's name has obviously caused confusion to bamboozled beatles fans hoping to walk the walk on london's most famous real estate. >> what would you say you're about an hour and a half away. >> i would wonder why they named the station abbey road. >> how insane is that? >> crazy. >> reporter: instead of the tree lined avenues and mansions in one of the most expensive parts of london, visitors are met a train depot, industrial parks and run down neighborhoods. with all due respect to this abbey road it is a world away from the other one and disappointed tourists that find them cess here do learn how far apart those two worlds are. ♪ the long and winding road
8:52 am
>> reporter: or subway ride. three train changes. a trip that lasts over an hour if the trains run on time, a detour that test the most are a dent fans of any band. st. james johns woods station is what you want. to par phrase the beatles all transport london officials will say is you can work it out. there's no plans to change the name of the abbey road train station. >> if you come this far you got to go all the way. for cbs "this morning," i'm charlie d'agata on the real abbey road in london. nice piece. >> i think that guy marshall hoffman raised a good point why did you name it abbey road when you know so many people dome see the other abbey road. >> i'm off to washington. take care of things. that does it for us. up next is your local news. we'll see you tomorrow on cbs
8:53 am
"this morning." we have ten seconds left so we'll talk a little bit about the fact -- >> about you going to washington. >> can't wait t ♪
8:54 am
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